I would like to take this opportunity to brag about the woman I love to the whole world. Without her, I am not here. There is no Reizelynne Jocelle G. Roxas today. She is the main reason of my existence. That woman was named Emmalyn G. Roxas, my mother . Every day I am thankful that God allowed me to live as her daughter.



Back when I was a little girl, my mom is always at my side. In every school programs, performances, competition and any event of mine, she is there. She is willing to absent herself from work just to watch and support me in everything that I do. I can say that she is a 100% stage mother.


Until now, I can feel the support of my mom for me. Without her, my life will have no meaning and direction. My mother is my inspiration to strive harder in studies and life. At least, in that way I can express my love and gratitude for her. No one can ever replace her in my life. Though you give me many chances to choose a mother, I will keep on choosing and choosing her over anyone else.

I just want her to know that I feel very grateful to have her as my mother. She is always there for me no matter what the circumstances, no matter how foul my mood, no matter what time of day or night.  She has shown me complete acceptance, love, and understanding. I know she always got my back.  Well, she has no idea how comforting that has been in my life.  She taught me how to love unconditionally and have an open heart.



Thank you for showing me what love, commitment and family is all about. Thank you for being so wonderful to me, ate, kuya and papa. Your love, support, care and existence are the best gift you have given me. Everything I have, I owe them to you. I wish that some day, I can pay off all your sacrifices for me.


I love you mama! You will be and always be my greatest love!