I signed the petition about the movement for banning Mocha Uson’s Page because of plenty of reasons. The Mocha Uson Blog is a Facebook page which serves as a political advocacy page that obviously favors the current administration. I am not an Anti-Duterte. I respect her right to express her thoughts yet she is being irresponsible in using it. She is spreading unsupported claims, unreliable  & biased news in social media that causes division to the Filipino. Her posts were poorly researched and not a good role model since she is not professional on her approached.

Disseminating false information creates nothing but misunderstandings and hatred. Social media has a great impact to the mind’s of the user. She does not really know what she is saying. That blog will not do anything good about our country rather it generates another problem. Therefore, this has to be stop!


This fight is beyond Mocha Uson. This fight is against ignorance.

Help us and Save our country through signing the petition. Click the link below:


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Some post that will make you sign the petition even more:





For more cringe-worthy posts, visit her page https://web.facebook.com/Mochablogger/

PS: Before reading the content of the page, make sure you are mentally ready.