Know Me Better


Hi! My name is Reizelynne Jocelle G. Roxas, a senior high school student at School of Saint Anthony, Lagro, Quezon City. Currently, I’m taking up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) strand because I dream of becoming an engineer in the near future. I love going to gym, playing sports, and surfing the Internet. What I hate the most is doing creative stuffs like drawing, coloring, painting, etc. for it makes my life stressful.

As a daughter or sister in our family

I am the youngest child among the three of us. Most of the time, I am lazy in terms of doing household chores but once I feel my momentum, I am willing to wash all the dishes and to clean our electric fan and air conditioner unit. My family addresses me as “Baby”, “Baby Chabeng”, “Jocelle”, and “Jocelia”.

As a student

I am a responsible and hard working type of student. I want to pass all my requirements on time and I am willing to sacrifice my sleep and meals just to save my dying grades.

As a friend

You can count on me. I can be your shoulder to cry on. I don’t want my friends to be sad. Maybe that is the reason why my friends called me as the “mood setter” and “joker” in our group. I really love them and I believe in the statement “It is better to lose my boyfriend (though I don’t have one) than to lose my friends.”

As a lover

Hmmmmm… You want to know? Then try me! Hahaha just kidding. STUDIES FIRST!